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In agriculture, the transfer of technology and knowledge to farmers, consumers, and policy-makers is vital for achieving sustainable food production. This is of critical importance to farmers in developing countries like India, therefore, The Vimana is leading UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), and UGV(Unmanned Ground Vehicle) models by working on GIS-mapping to cater to the needs of the farming community in India

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Our Autonomous Farming Systems include- 

Design of a fixed-wing UAV
capable of aerial surveys using RGB
and Thermal imaging systems and
capable of extended flight.
Design of a multi-rotor UAV with
extended flying capabilities whilst
carrying a load consisting of
fertilizer/pesticide tanks with a
customized nozzle. The drone will
consist of a modular structure.
 Design of an unmanned ground
vehicle with the same capabilities as
the multi-rotor UAV.


  • A fixed-wing UAV with aerial imaging capabilities.

  • A multi-rotor UAV for the application of fertilizers and pesticides.

  • A UGV for the application of fertilizers and pesticides.

  • A unified control station/ ground station for coordinating routes and planning tasks.


  • Reduced time for spraying chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Reduced exposure of farmers to harmful chemicals. A measured quantity of chemicals being sprayed reduced overexposure to plants also.

  • Automated mapping of farmland helps in predicting crop growth patterns and other parameters.

Meet The Team

Project Members

Vaishnavi Tadepalli

Yeshas Bhardwaj

Ritika Jhonson

Electronics and Communications


Computer science Engineer

Deputy Project Manager

Aerospace Engineer

Harshith N

Sahana G


Electrical and Electronics 


Electrical and Electronics 


Electronics and Communications


Kushal S L

Project Ideator 

Director of The Vimana 

Dheeraj kumar

Project Manager 

Electronics and Communications Engineer 

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