Sai Mihir Jakkaraju

Here's what I'm all about!

I'll keep it short. I'm not a perfectionist and I don't try to be one as most miracles in the history of science and technology have happened because of accidents.

I am 

Division Head - PCDH

and I've been here with The Vimana since

August 2020

I work alongside


And Specialize in 

Embedded C Programming and Data Science

I'm currently studying

Computer Science


PES University


And passionately spending time on learning

Quantum Physics and Complex mathematical problems

A little bit more about who I am . . .

I've dedicated plenty of time working on

Data Analytics, Embedded C, PCB Designing.

But I also am very confident with my 

Leadership, Communication, Empathy

My Friends usually say I am very 







But I guess I'm also kinda

Self Centred

as well.

The Proudest I have ever been was when I 

Wrote my first Research Paper

I'm a  


so I really admire


in those closest to me!

If I'm not working hard on my goals, you could find me 

spending time with my family, learning music, spending time at the gym.

Being at The Vimana, the most valuable lesson I've learnt so far is

Respect each individual for what they are and what they give to The Vimana

A little about my goals in the future!

Before 2022 I want to 

be the best in data science and machine learning.

A Year after graduation I want to

Pursue my MBA, or start a startup, or even do my MS in Ivy League

Five years down the lane I want to

Become an Entreprenuer

What does The Vimana say about me? 

Over the years I've worked on a lot of interesting projects and activities.

Here are just a few to name!

My most favorite aspect about being at The Vimana is 

the incredible team I work with

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